water play table on a splash pad

The Aqua Tabletop

Interactive Water Play Table 

Water Play Tables are a fantastic addition to any water play area, providing interactive and educational experiences for children of all ages. One characteristic of water play tables that makes them stand out from other water toys, is the inclusion of gears and spinners. These interactive components allow children to control and manipulate the flow of water, providing numerous learning opportunities. 

Key Features:

  • The Aqua Tabletop base is constructed from durable stainless steel and coated with a chlorine and UV-resistant powder coating.
  • The water play tables are constructed from a scratch-resistant polymer sheet, providing enhanced durability for interactive water play.
  • Water play tables are designed to be modular, allowing for a customizable and scalable setup.
  • Water play table is constructed to meet ADA guidelines for wheelchair users, with tables installed at 28" high.
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Spin, Flick, Twist, Turn, and PLAY

As children engage with the Aqua Tabletop, they not only enjoy the immediate sensory experience but also develop important cognitive and fine motor skills.

a spinner water play table and smiley face water play table on a blue background

Water Play Table Options

The AquaWorx Aqua Tabletop features two tables designed for interactive and educational water play. The spinner table and smiley face table each have their own unique developmental benefits and can be customized to match a particular theme. 

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rendering of a large dumping bucket and water play table in a beach entry swimming pool

Aqua Tabletop Installations

The AquaWorx Aqua Tabletop is a versatile and interactive water feature that can be installed on splash pads, beach entry pool deck jets, and as accent pieces for water playgrounds. Each aquatic landscape provides unique benefits to patrons. 

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children gathered around a water play table

Developmental Benefits

Interacting with gears and spinners that manipulate the flow of water helps children develop the basics of physics and mechanics, develop fine motor skills, build scientific understanding, and promotes social and emotional growth. 

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