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We use only NSF-approved products and pumps and all cabinet hardware is marine-grade stainless. We go the extra mile when inserting the couplers in the tank by using a two-part methacrylate adhesive designed for structural bonding of PVC and composite assemblies.

This means that the PVC couplers placed in every AquaWorx product are not just fiber-glassed and caulked, but actually chemically-welded to protect from leakage and breakage over time. Without a doubt, you can be assured of the structural integrity of all the fittings before the system is buried.

We provide everything you need for your resort water park, splash pad or pool, from design renderings to engineering, from drains to water toys, from municipal equipment filter systems to underground collector tanks and universal ground spray adapters too. Partner with our engineers and designers for continuity on every project which saves you time and money. We’re the only aquatic products and services manufacturer under the sun to provide total support…even after the installation. That’s the quality products and services you can count on with AquaWorx. Let’s get started!

Theme Parks, Water Parks, Destination Resorts, Hotels, Municipal Water Parks – Pools and Playgrounds, Zoos, YMCA/Rec Centers, Residential Community Centers, Private Residences and more!

Need engineering drawings? We can provide those too. Call 1-888-426-8511 for more details.

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