Residential & Commercial Filtration Systems

With AquaWorx as your partner, your commercial or residential landscape becomes a fully functional and safe water paradise. Your water project will include our highly acclaimed filtration system designed for reliability you can trust. Construction combines a durable fiberglass lid that will not warp, stainless steel hardware on hinges and latches, pumps along with unions for ease of removal, and a strong one-inch floor. Two colors are available to help blend into the surrounding landscape: forest green – the color of nature, and white – the color of perfection. All packs and subpanels are UL1081 approved, plus EPA validated and NSF approved UV is available. Standard sizes are: 5’ X 6’, 5’ X 8’, 5’ X 11’ and 7’ X 10’.

AquaWorx filter packs are custom made to your specifications with different size and pump options available. Choose from subterranean or above-grade with DE filtration, sand filtration, vacuum cartridge filtration, and pressure cartridge filtration.

We make filter packs for many different uses – pools, fountains, and spray pads. They can be designed to use DE, sand, vacuum cartridge, and complete pressure cartridge filters. Our packs come in many different sizes and combinations. We have packs that are on grade, half-buried, 28-inches-deep, four-feet-deep vaults, and completely buried vaults. They are 5 x 6, 5 x 8, 5 x 11, and 11 x 8.


No warping and easy drainage…

AquaWorx commercial and residential pool filter packs are made of thick fiberglass lids with a one-inch floor for no warping and easy drainage. We use stainless hardware on our hinges and latches. We also install with unions on all pumps for easy removal. All of our complete packs are UL1081 approved, not just our subpanel.

Need engineering drawings? Let us know and we’ll provide them!

Complete Solutions


Lazy River Systems


Lazy River Systems

Control water flow for a lazy river with subterranean propulsion pits. 


Subterranean Equipment Vaults


Subterranean Equipment Vaults

Custom-built, underground “rooms” fully equipped with all necessary filtration and electrical components tailored to each project’s specifications. 

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Custom color options available.

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