Fiberglass Collector Tanks

We revolutionized the industry by showcasing our green, patented fiberglass collector tanks, 65 to 4,000 gallons, and larger adaptable sizes can be customized for your needs. Each collector tank is streamlined to blend into the landscape setting to hide plumbing, wiring, and unsightly mechanical fixtures.

  • Free standing available
  • Fully customized (shape, size, pool filter options, etc.)
  • Available in a white or green color 
  • Subterranean with hatch access
  • Fully finished with backfill skirts
  • Steel reinforced with couplers and a three-part process to protect against leaking (or larger models)

We provide customer service from planning to installation…even after the sale.

Finished Backfill Skirt

A real solution for unsightly raw edges…

Most collector tanks and filtration systems are not fully buried because they need to ensure that the water levels in the pool and the systems are equal. This can leave an unsightly raw edge exposed. While you could always cover the edges with plants, ornate lighting, or other landscaping, AquaWorx believes in providing our customers with a fully finished solution.

That’s why AquaWorx set out to create a solution for customers who didn’t want to have to deal with such hassles. We created our patented fiberglass collector tanks with finished backfill skirts so you don’t have to worry about covering it up – it can stand beautifully on its own.

You also have the choice of a collector tank that is free-standing, buried, or hung from the ceiling. Most larger tanks are steel-enforced and the couplers are installed with a three-part process to protect against leaking.

Now you don’t have to worry about backfill issues or an unsightly collector tank interfering with the harmony of your landscape. Call today at 1-888-426-8511 to learn more. Engineering drawings are available upon request.

Owner’s Manual and Warranty 

Collector Tank Manual

cover photo of the AquaWorx collector tank owner's manual
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Custom color options available.


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