Calypso Cay Resort

Location: Kissimmee, Florida

Project Type: Replacement Waterslide


The Calypso Cay resort is one of the hundreds of hotels in Kissimmee, Florida that offers various amenities for families of all ages. With new hotels continuously popping up in the area, existing resorts look to add or renovate amenities to drive in new business and keep up with local competition. Calypso Cay recently renovated their existing swimming pool by adding a Dunkin’ Donuts tiki hut and replacing an existing water feature with an AquaWorx Waterslide. With bright pops of orange and pink color, this waterslide fits perfectly into the newly re-designed, aquatic landscape. AquaWorx provides everything your facility needs to replace an existing waterslide: engineering, custom fiberglass molding, water feature filtration systems, durable powder coating, steel work and installation.

Pool Construction – Executive Pools 

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