Camp WaterColor

Location: Santa Rosa Beach, Florida

Project Type: Resort Activity Pool


Three activity pools make up the massive expansion for the brand-new aquatic amenities at Camp WaterColor. Each pool serves a different function creating a waterpark environment that appeals to families of all ages. The main “Butterfly” pool caters to older children and the more adventurous adults with a massive, open-flume waterslide. The children’s “Caterpillar” zero-entry pool design encourages younger children to swim and splash with easy access to wading level water. Complete with a 30” waterslide, younger guests can seek thrills at a lower altitude. Those who want to unwind after a long day in the sun can float along the “Lazy Lizard” lazy river pool. A zero-entry design allows for easy access to the pool so all guests can enjoy the cool, relaxing waters.

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