Roan Hills Splash Pad

Location: Ocala, Florida

Project Type: 800 square foot Splash Pad Package for new home community amenity center. 


Splash Pad Packages are the perfect way to incorporate an element of aquatic play into facility plans on a tight budget. The AquaWorx 800 Series Package includes 14 ground sprays, 4 customized interactive water features, and all necessary filtration. With multiple feature options and a lineup of bold, bright colors, you have the freedom to create a splash pad design that best appeals to your guests and age demographic. This community amenity center placed an 800 square foot splash pad on the edge of this gorgeous, modern pool deck to add an inclusive water play space for families of all ages. Hues of blue LifeFloor flooring make the Aqua Butterfly and Aqua Flower pop as the main standing features for this splash pad. Nestled to the side of the deck is an equipment yard housing an AquaWorx Water Feature Filtration System, Sand Filter Filtration System, and Collector Tank.

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(Engineering drawings are available upon request.)