Meadow Pointe II

Location: Wesley Chapel, Florida

Project Type: Splash pad and filtration packs for residential community center. 


  • Aqua Buckets 3
  • Aqua Shroom 5
  • Aqua Arch
  • Aqua Spider
  • Aqua Arching Stream
  • Aqua Geyser
  • Aqua Activator
  • Water Feature Filtration System
  • Collector Tank 

    Splash pads are the perfect addition to existing aquatic facilities looking to add an inclusive water play area. With the expansion of the Meadow Pointe I community center, the Meadow Pointe II community center followed suit by adding a splash pad to the existing pool deck of their aquatics facility. This 900 square foot splash pad features classic interactive water features such as dumping buckets and a showering mushroom. AquaWorx Deck Dazzlers add an element of aquatic theming to various ground sprays that are placed on the outer edge of the splash pad. An AquaWorx Water Feature Filtration System provides UV splash pad sanitation to ensure clean water for children of all ages and abilities to enjoy.

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