Innovative Pool Filtration Systems, Splash Pads,  Waterslides & More

Transform any ordinary commercial pool into a tropical oasis of fun with AquaWorx’s interactive water playsets and water toys for Splash Pads, or utilize one of our filtration systems to create a stunning fountain backdrop for your hotel courtyard or business entryway – it’s all right here at AquaWorx!

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Pool Filtration Systems, Water Toys, Custom Waterslides, and Collector Tanks

AquaWorx is the ONLY aquatic service provider of American made products – all with complete hydraulic systems. We provide the highest quality, most cost-effective commercial and residential pool filtration systems, parts, and accessories, including swimming pool collector tanks, fiberglass pool gutters, DE filtration systems, main drain sumps, splash pad water toys, ground spray, interactive playsets for splash pads, and fountain components. Our work and splash pads can be found at theme parks, water parks, destination resorts, hotels, municipal water parks, zoos, residential community centers and more!

At AquaWorx, we work hand-in-hand with aquatic engineers, pool suppliers, commercial pool builders, and landscape architects to develop sleek, innovative pool filtration systems and splash pad water toys that meet the highest standards for quality, aesthetics, and safety — this includes using rounded edges, curved lids, colors that blend with the natural environment, excellent hardware and manufacturing our splash pad interactive water toys out of stainless steel.

When you combine our stringent manufacturing guidelines with affordable pricing and outstanding customer service, it’s easy to see why AquaWorx USA has quickly emerged into one of the most reputable, reliable pool filtration / splash pad water toy manufacturing companies in North America! See for yourself today by calling 1-888-426-8511.

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