How It’s Made: Recirculating Filtration System Equipment Pack


Aquatic features, such as swimming pools, water play areas, lazy rivers, and fountains, are essential amenities in many commercial and residential settings. Key to their functionality and safety is their recirculating filtration system, a critical component that ensures the water remains clean and hygienic. Filtration equipment packs, which house the recirculating filtration system, provide flexible placement, accessibility, and ease of maintenance. These packs are often kept in the surrounding areas of aquatic amenities and are exposed to harsh conditions, such as UV rays and chlorine. At AquaWorx, we ensure our filtration equipment packs will stand the test of time with a streamlined manufacturing process that uses top-of-the-line materials and undergoes a thorough quality check process through each stage of production. But how exactly are these recirculating filtration equipment packs made? In this blog, we delve into the intricate manufacturing process, highlighting the expertise and precision involved in creating these essential aquatic components.

Our Techs begin by examining the molds to ensure they are in pristine condition and waxed for easy removal of the part when the time comes. They are then sprayed with our standard white or green UV-resistant gel coat. Once the gel coat has dried, parts are hand rolled with a thin layer of fiberglass to easily contour to the part and ensure there are no air voids. The last step in the lamination process is to apply two additional layers of heavier/thicker material to provide strength and rigidity.

filtration equipment pack mold spray booth
filtration equipment pack molds in spray booth

After part lamination, next comes part removal! After the final layers of glass dry, our team will wedge the perimeter flange to break the part free from the mold. Unsightly, raw edges are carefully trimmed from the part, and a final layer of gel coat is applied to all raw fiberglass.

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Once the equipment pack part is carefully wedged from the mold, it's time for inspection. Our fiberglass finishing team looks for any imperfections that may have occurred during the process. If any imperfections are detected, they are repaired and remedied accordingly. A high-speed buff and performance wax are then applied to the surface for a long-lasting shine. Techs then install all necessary hardware that the part calls for.

filtration equipment pack mold being buffed

The finishing team carefully buffs each part piece before hardware is installed. 

filtration pack hardware installation
After the part has been polished with a high-speed buffer, hardware is installed along the perimeter of the cabinet. 

Our builders layout and erect filtration pack systems based on job-specific, engineered plans. Once built, the floors are marked where penetrations need to be made, and couplers are installed with epoxy. Then, the pack returns to lamination for couplers and a frame to be laminated in place.

Filtration equipment pack floors being marked for coupler installation.
Filtration equipment pack floors being marked for coupler installation.
Filtration equipment pack floor with couplers.
Filtration equipment pack floor with couplers installed. 
Filtration equipment pack frame installation.
Filtration equipment pack frame installation.

Once couplers and framing have been installed, the pack returns to the assembly line for plumbing and installing accessories. The pack then moves down the line to have cabinets installed once the final components are hung and everything has been wired to the electrical panel.

pumping system for recirculating filtration pack

Our plumbing team ensures that the correct pumps and filters are installed in each filtration pack. 

recirculating filtration system pack installation

Pumps and filters installed on the floor of the equipment cabinet.

recirculating filtration system pack installation

Installation of accessories and the electrical panel.

recirculating filtration equipment pack

Completed recirculating filtration pack with installed cabinet ready for testing.

The final step of equipment pack assembly is testing! All plumbing gets pressured up to 40 PSI to test for any leaks. Electrical panels are also powered up to ensure everything is operational and interlocks are in place.

recirculating filtration system equipment pack testing
Our techs ensure all pumps and components align with the specified plans. 
recirculating filtration system equipment pack testing

The plumbing is then tested up to 40 PSI to ensure no leaks are detected. This is, obviously, Dan's favorite part of the job! 

The manufacturing process for AquaWorx recirculating filtration equipment packs is a testament to the attention to detail, commitment to quality that goes into creating these essential components, and the exceptional performance of our manufacturing team. Understanding this process not only showcases the technical proficiency involved but also assures customers of the reliability and efficiency of the product. As we continue to innovate and refine our processes, we remain dedicated to delivering the best in recirculating filtration technology.

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