Purchase a Filtration System, Teach a Child to Swim

When you invest in a Cartridge, Sand, or DE filtration system, not only are you ensuring cleaner, safer water, but you're also contributing to a vital cause: teaching a child to swim. This is thanks to the collaboration between the Every Child a Swimmer Program and the Florida Swims Foundation. Learn how these organizations are making a difference, and how your purchase plays a pivotal role in this mission.

The Florida Swims Foundation and The Every Child A Swimmer Program

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The Every Child a Swimmer Program, spearheaded by the International Swimming Hall of Fame and the Bill Kent Family Foundation, provides grants for swim lessons to families who financially qualify, ensuring that every child has the opportunity to learn essential water safety skills. Every Child A Swimmer has even gone as far as to propose new legislation that enhances awareness and emphasizes the importance of swimming education for all children. The legislation, which has now been successfully passed in Georgia, Arkansas, and Florida, advocates for policies requiring schools to provide parents with water safety information and local resources for swim lessons. In simple terms, the legislation states that the parents of each child entering kindergarten will be asked IF they have given their child swim lessons. If their answer is NO, then the school will be required to give them a piece of paper with five local learn-to-swim resources on it. This legislation has no cost to the government and is not a mandate for swim lessons. It simply creates awareness amongst parents of their responsibility to teach their children to swim.

The Florida Swims Foundation works alongside the International Swimming Hall of Fame and Every Child a Swimmer to educate the public about water safety and the significance of swimming for health and quality of life. Donations to Florida Swims, specifically earmarked for Every Child A Swimmer, are matched by the Bill Kent Family Foundation and reinvested into the local communities from which they originated.

How AquaWorx Contributes

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AquaWorx presents a $13,300 donation check to the Florida Swims Foundation and Every Child A Swimmer Program at the March 2023 Florida Swimming Pool Association Board Meeting. 
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AquaWorx presents a $4,950 donation check to the Florida Swims Foundation and Every Child A Swimmer Program at the September 2023 Florida Swimming Pool Association Board Meeting.

AquaWorx is committed to making a substantial difference. $50 from every filtration pack purchase is channeled towards a quarterly donation to the Florida Swims Foundation / Every Child A Swimmer Program. For instance, the Quarter 1 donation amounted to $13,300, with half of this sum matched by our parent company, PlayCore. The Quarter 2 donation reached $4,950, reflecting the ongoing support from AquaWorx customers and the company’s dedication to this crucial cause. AquaWorx's pledge to "Build a Pack - Build a Swimmer" has raised over $18,000 in 2023 and funded countless swim lessons in the state of Florida.  

How You Can Help

Florida Swims Foundation - Make a direct contribution to support the Foundation’s initiatives through a one-time donation. Download the Donation Form HERE

Pool Builders and Contractors: Participate in the "Build a Pool – Build a Swimmer Program."

Maintenance Companies and Pool Cleaning Services: Join the "Clean a Pool – Create a Swimmer Program."


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Every Child A Swimmer - Extend your support with a generous donation or consistently contribute by setting up a monthly donation commitment. Download the Donation Form HERE




Your contribution, whether through purchasing an AquaWorx filtration system or direct donation, plays an invaluable role in promoting water safety and swimming education across communities. Let’s come together to make a difference, ensuring every child has the chance to become a confident and capable swimmer.

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