The Aqua Tabletop - Water Play Table Options

Water play tables are designed to be modular, allowing for a customizable and scalable setup. This flexibility means that an unlimited number of tables can be combined to create a comprehensive and engaging water play area. The AquaWorx water play table, the Aqua Tabletop, features two unique table designs in a variety of themes and color options. 

water play table on a splash pad

The smiley face table can be rotated 180 degrees to stop the water flow and then released through the smiley face’s mouth when rotated again. This feature not only entertains children but also teaches them about cause and effect. The act of controlling the water flow and watching the results helps children understand the relationship between their actions and outcomes.

person interacting with a smiley face themed water play table

The spinners table features spinners that can be rotated in different directions to manipulate the flow of water. This interaction enhances spatial awareness and provides a dynamic and engaging water play experience. Children learn to predict the movement of water based on their actions, fostering a deeper understanding of spatial relationships and mechanical principles.

person interacting with spinners on a water play table

The spinner water play table can also be customized to match a particular theme. Create themed water play areas with spinners that are marine, farm, and sport-themed.  

rendering of a water play table with marine life themed spinners

Start designing your custom water play table today!

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