The Rise of Doggy Splash Pads

Doggy splash pads are becoming increasingly popular, with more and more bars, waterparks, and community amenities exclusively for dogs and their owners opening nationwide.  Designing a splash pad specifically for dogs involves selecting the proper water management system and incorporating water features that cater to their playful and energetic nature, size, and abilities.


rendering of a dog splash pad design with dog-themed water toys
rendering of a water playground designed for dogs
rendering of small splash pad design with water features for dogs

Ground sprays and arching water features are common for doggy splash pad designs, allowing dogs to run through and enjoy the water in a manner similar to agility courses. Dog-themed water toys, such as spray dog bones, tennis balls, and fire hydrants, add a fun and engaging element to these splash pad designs.

For doggy splash pads, a flow-through water management system is recommended. This system uses the city water supply, which is treated and drinkable, an important consideration since dogs will inevitably drink the water while playing. Recirculating pool filter systems, which treat water with chlorine and other chemicals, can make dogs sick if ingested. Additionally, flow-through systems provide accident forgiveness, as dog waste can run off to sewage, preventing unsanitary conditions and complications with splash pad equipment.

The benefits of doggy splash pads are numerous. They provide a safe space for dogs to cool off in hot climates, especially for breeds that cannot swim and are prone to drowning, such as bulldogs. Opening a splash pad for dogs is also more cost-effective and easier than allowing dogs into swimming pools, which require extensive cleaning and maintenance after such events. Moreover, human patrons often find the idea of sharing swimming pools with dogs unappealing, which could lead to a negative perception of the facility. By offering dedicated doggy splash pads, facilities can cater to their canine visitors without compromising the experience for their human guests.

Dog owners want to provide their fur babies with the best quality of life and seek out dog-friendly facilities that will accommodate their needs. This extends to aspects of their daily lives, from where they choose to live to where they choose to spend their free time. Doggy splash pads offer a practical solution for dog owners and facilities alike, ensuring that dogs can enjoy water play safely and healthily.

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