Water Playsets: Boosting Fun & Programming in Aquatic Facilities

Aquatic facilities, whether nestled in residential neighborhoods or bustling commercial spaces, are consistently on the lookout for innovations that can enhance the user experience and attract more visitors. A current trend in the aquatics industry is the incorporation of recreational water play equipment, including interactive water playsets. These structures offer many benefits for facilities and their patrons, not only heightening enjoyment for users but also presenting advantageous opportunities for programming and revenue generation.

Multi-level water play structures merge the thrill of waterslides, traditionally exclusive to swimming pools, with the engaging interactivity of water features typical of splash pads, into one dynamic playset. This means double the fun without needing two separate areas, ensuring users get the full water play experience. These bustling hubs of activity allow children to freely climb, descend, and interact with a myriad of water elements. Interactive water playsets also allow for the integration of unique features, which might be absent from conventional water play areas, such as climbing nets and rock walls.

pirate-themed interactive water play structure with rock wall steps

Rock wall steps on pirate-themed interactive water playset.

close up of rock wall steps for interactive water play structure
Close-up of rock wall steps for pirate-themed water playset.
interactive water play structure in water play activity pool with climbing net
Interactive water playset featuring a climbing net.
close up of climbing net on interactive water play structure
Close up of climbing net on interactive water playset.

Facilities and cities can opt for waterproof adhesive logos on these water play structures. This branding not only promotes a sense of community but can also be a smart advertising tactic. Collaborating with local businesses can also be financially rewarding. Many local enterprises are willing to fund municipal projects in exchange for some recognition. By featuring their logos on the water playset, facilities can benefit from additional funding sources.


But the potential of these water playsets isn't limited to their structural ingenuity and interactive benefits. They can also serve as pillars for diverse programming. Programming around these playsets is not just about fun, but it’s also a strategy to increase engagement and revenue. For instance, during Easter, facilities can host an Easter egg hunt. The playset can transform into a treasure trove for an egg hunt, with eggs craftily concealed within the structure, its perimeter, or even dumping buckets! This approach provides a fresh twist to the traditional egg hunt.


Age inclusivity is another way to create programming around an interactive water playset. By dedicating early hours exclusively to younger children, facilities ensure that the little ones get their fair share of fun without any interruption from the older kids. While it is important to cater to younger age groups, catering to older children is essential too. Hosting an after-hours teen night can be the perfect solution, with a DJ, glow sticks, and maybe even a dance floor set up near the water playset. This type of programming can generate revenue for your facility by being a ticketed event that promises fun.

Facilities can also offer patrons an option to rent out the water play area for a specified time for their special events, such as birthday parties and family gatherings. Along with the water playset, renting pavilions or cabanas can add an extra layer of exclusivity. Such events can be a steady revenue stream for the facility.


In conclusion, interactive water playsets are more than just an addition to aquatic facilities. They are a strategic investment that promises user engagement, diversified fun, and revenue opportunities. In the ever-evolving landscape of aquatic recreation, embracing these innovative playsets isn't just an option; it's a strategic move toward a brighter, more engaging future.

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