AquaWorx Donates Water Feature to Local Aquatics Center

This holiday season, our special edition of the 'See the Worx' newsletter highlights our recent project, where we gave back to our community by donating a refurbished AquaWorx Interactive Water Feature to a local aquatics center.

The New Port Richey Recreation and Aquatics Center was established in 2007 and includes four different swimming pools: a lap pool, a dive pool, a plunge pool, and a zero-entry water activity pool. IMG_4739

Families with small children love the zero-entry water activity pool because of its shallow water depth, toddler water slide, and showering mushroom water feature, an AquaWorx Aqua Shroom Interactive Water Feature. Unfortunately, the Aqua Shroom water feature has weathered over the years, becoming chalky from constant exposure to UV rays and chlorine.


The City of New Port Richey contacted AquaWorx to see if we could repair the damaged water feature. Since the product was out of warranty, there would have been a cost associated with this type of maintenance. As a local water feature and splash pad manufacturer who has had a long-standing relationship with the city of New Port Richey, the AquaWorx team made the decision to re-paint and install the water feature for no charge.

This donation not only benefits the families that frequent the swimming pool but also allows the city to allocate funds toward future facility improvements. The New Port Richey Recreation and Aquatics Center is thrilled with its “shiny” new Aqua Shroom water feature and looks forward to working with AquaWorx on future aquatic renovations.



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